Originally from Wisconsin, Jay has been residing in northern Arizona since the summer of 1995 when he took his first job at Grand Canyon National Park. After seven summers and a season as a winter caretaker of the historic North Rim Lodge his attachment with the Grand Canyon and landscapes of the American west still continues to grow. The ever changing light upon windswept land, enchanting waterholes, and the canyons created by these forces, are his inspirations. "I grew up in an area where foliage and water were taken for granted, rocks and dirt were covered in blankets of green. Here in the desert southwest everything is raw and exposed waiting to be touched and experienced. The land holds nothing back, bleaching, burning sun, dust filled gusting winds, and torrential rains producing flash floods that create canyons and change the landscape within moments, all is revealed allowing us to witness its transformation".

For the majority of photographs Jay has chosen a large format camera, which produces an original image of 4 x 5 inches, and more recently using the panoramic format to add impact and a bit of mystery to the composition. Any filters used are for correction purposes only, a polarizing filter or an 81 series warming filter are necessary in some situations. Fujichrome Velvia 50, 100, and Kodak 100VS are the films of choice.

Jay Showers